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Why does the aluminum grille ceiling sell for a long time? Manufacturers help you analyze the price standard.
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Kaimai metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall Source: Kaimai Building Materials Release Date: 2022.06.25
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Kaimai focuses on aluminum gusset plate, aluminum square pass, aluminum grille, aluminum strip gusset plate, aluminum mineral wool composite plate, aluminum veneer curtain wall, ceiling ceiling manufacturer sales telephone number: 13074271912 more than 10 years of research and development, design, production and sales...

Why does the aluminum grille ceiling sell for a long time? Manufacturers help you analyze the price standard./span>

展开吊顶施工的工作,普遍适用于商超、酒吧、餐厅等多数场合,但在不同场合中,可以使用的Aluminum grille ceilingNot exactly the same, but in recent years, the applicability of aluminum grille ceiling gradually improved, sales are rising.

Advantages of 1. Products

1: Excellent weather resistance determines life span

The sales volume of this grille ceiling product has soared, which is not false news, but the product does have advantages. The first advantage is that it has excellent weather resistance. With the improvement of weather resistance, the life of the product will increase accordingly, which can ensure the use time of the product and reduce the cost of customer maintenance and replacement of the product.

2: light quality and high rigidity

Other类型的格栅吊顶往往存在着质量过重的问题,而Aluminum grille ceilingThe second advantage is that the quality of the entire product has become lighter through precision craftsmanship, but it has not affected other parameters of the product, such as the rigidity of the product is not affected and remains good.


2. the selling price of the product

1: Determine the price according to the specifications

When customers buy ceiling building materials, they often consider the selling price. The first factor affecting the selling price of aluminum ceiling is the product specification. The difference between each specification is mainly based on the product thickness and bottom width. With the increase of thickness and bottom width, the price will increase accordingly.

2: Customized demand determines price.

If customers have special needs, they can also customize the specifications of the products. At the same time, they can choose the color of the products and the painting methods, such as metallic paint, monochrome paint, etc. The color and painting methods usually do not affect the selling price. However, if manufacturers are required to produce ceiling products with special specifications, new costs will obviously be incurred.

Aluminum grille ceilingThere are reasons for the popularity of the market. As for the price of the product, the customer shall prevail. Of course, the premise is that the customer has found the right manufacturer to purchase the product.

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