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Kaimai -20 years focus on providing you with metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall
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Kaimai Company
Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd The quality is synchronized with the world, and the service satisfies the users

Guangzhou Kaimai Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a high-end metal building materials design, production, sales and installation services. After years of production precipitation and development, the company now has five core series of products: aluminum ceiling series, aluminum veneer custom series, aluminum sound-absorbing composite board series, barrier aluminum ceiling series. Focus on the sales of metal ceiling, aluminum square, aluminum grille, aluminum composite panel, aluminum curtain wall manufacturers; can be customized all kinds of aluminum grille, aluminum hanging sheet, aluminum curtain wall plate, aluminum gusset plate, aluminum square pass, aluminum hanging bar, aluminum square plate and other building decoration materials; It is a modern enterprise integrating sales, design and technical service installation.

公司品牌 corporate brand

Kaimai brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall building materials for many years adhere to the quality and world synchronization, service to customer satisfaction service concept and one-stop building materials products supply service provider brand positioning, is committed to become a model for the development of Guangdong building materials enterprises. To this end, we have specially set up a technical engineering team and sales team to provide inexhaustible power to continuously meet the needs of customers\' tooling and building materials products. Kaimai brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall building materials as a strong building materials brand, will continue to bear the glory of brand reputation, is committed to providing customers with engineering one-stop overall solution of building materials products service company.

Company strength corporate strength

Company strength

Plant area of 30000 square meters, 20 years of experience in the production of metal building materials

Kaime brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall brand has rich experience in building materials product service and perfect tooling product overall solution technology. Kaime brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall building materials products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other overseas regions while based on the domestic market, and have won the trust and favor of customers.

On Alibaba platform, Kaimai brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall building materials have passed various certifications. In terms of e-commerce, it is close to a mature platform management mechanism, establish a complete quality management and sales service system, and provide customers with strong guarantees in product quality, technical services and other aspects, so that the reputation of brand reputation has won domestic and foreign customers Favor and spread.