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Hong Kong International Airport suspended ceiling aluminum ceiling project
Author: EDIT: Source: Issue Date: 2019.06.29
Information Abstract:
During the second phase of the interior decoration project of Hong Kong International Airport, we cooperated with Kaimai to use aluminum suspended ceiling to decorate the interior ceiling. The project is relatively urgent. Kaimai quickly used excellent technology and rich experience to serve Hong Kong International Airport...

项目名称:香港国际Airport suspended ceiling aluminum ceilingEngineering project

Company Name: Hong Kong International Airport

Cooperative products: aluminum gusset plate, aluminum ceiling ceiling

Hong Kong International Airport has a boarding cabinet, pick-up area and Hong Kong Airport shopping gallery, airport passenger corridors, signs, 3 kilometers long automatic pedestrian escalators, unmanned railways, etc., as well as a ground transportation center to provide Airport bus services, taxi services, hotel parking spaces, etc.

Airport suspended ceiling aluminum ceiling

During the second phase of the interior decoration project of Hong Kong International Airport, it cooperated with Kaimer to use aluminum ceiling to decorate the ceiling of the interior. The project was relatively urgent. Kaimer quickly used excellent technology and rich experience to plan solutions for Hong Kong International Airport and then started the renovation. For many years, we have adhered to the service concept of quality keeps pace with the world and service makes users satisfied. Provide customers with one-stop engineering overall solution.

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