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Kaimai aluminum veneer installation should pay attention to what matters?
Author: EDIT: Source: Issue Date: 2019.06.28
Information Abstract:
Kaimai aluminum veneer is often used when doing curtain wall and other projects, but everything must have a corresponding use method, so what should we pay attention to when installing Kaimai aluminum veneer...

凯麦铝单板在做幕墙等工程时是经常被使用的东西,但是任何东西都要有对应的使用方法,那么Kaimai aluminum veneer installationWhat should we pay attention to? The following is a simple introduction to the installation of wall aluminum veneer by Kaimai Xiaobian need to pay attention to five points.

Kaimai aluminum veneer installation

1. Transport the aluminum veneer and accessories to the construction site

2. Use detergent to clean the aluminum veneer on the indoor side and the column frame surface.

3. Connect the whole aluminum veneer to the keel through the angle code

4. Install and fix the connection according to the number of aluminum veneer.

5. The connection between the aluminum veneer and the keel must be consistent with the drawing requirements. The installation should be firm and stable. Do not install bolts to install the aluminum veneer on the wall. As long as you pay attention to every detail of each link, workers can cooperate with each other, which is convenient and fast. Save a lot of time.

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