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About aluminum buckle, how much do you know?
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Kaimai metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall Source: Kaimai Building Materials Release Date: 2022.03.11
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Now more and more decorative materials are used in aluminum alloy profiles, so the more widely used aluminum buckle ceiling is, from airport shopping malls to home decoration, so how much do you know about aluminum buckle?

About aluminum buckle, how much do you know? 

Now more and more decorative materials are used in aluminum alloy profiles, so the use of aluminum strip ceiling is more and more extensive, from airport shopping malls to home decoration, so aluminum strip buckle is so popular, how much do you know about it?

First of all, the aluminum buckle is made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy plate, which is formed by Guangdong Kaimai Building Materials CNC bending and other technologies. The ceiling system of the strip buckle plate is composed of decorative panels, special auxiliary keels for the strip buckle plate, upper light steel main keels and related accessories.

Secondly, aluminum buckle a decorative hanging ceiling ceiling, the lines are bright and elegant, the overall transparent, peaceful, rich color. Choose the appropriate height, with the appropriate visual angle, can produce the curtain effect, making the design change, the effect is beautiful.

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About the characteristics of aluminum strip buckle:

1Beautiful appearance and a variety of colors: clear and smooth lines, beautiful appearance, with dozens of standard colors, can combine a variety of decorative styles, create different visual effects;

2Practical, low material loss:6Any size within meters can be customized according to the size of the site;

32. Simple structure: the installation structure is a standard keel buckle structure, with a smooth appearance and no gap;

4Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain: hoist the keel according to the horizontal line, and buckle the plate up. Each plate is independent, and each plate can be disassembled separately, making it easier to maintain;

5Flexible collocation: the special keel has fixed modulus of card teeth, the same keel, suitable for a variety of board size for flexible collocation, can provide consumers with more design ideas and decorative effects;

64. You can choose cloth holes, and the back of the ceiling is pasted with non-assisted sound-absorbing paper or sound-absorbing cotton, which has better sound-absorbing effect;

7, windproof, shockproof; suitable for public buildings and network club ceiling decoration. The quality has passed the qualified inspection, the style is beautiful, atmospheric, simple, elegant, rich in the characteristics of the times, practicality and cost performance are very high. Is the oil (China National Petroleum Corporation) and Sinopec and other large companies designated decorative ceiling products.

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Buckle ceiling system is a long strip distribution, ridge line clear. Due to the installation drop of the gusset plate and the molding strip, the suspended ceiling plane presents a high and low staggered, three-dimensional and dynamic effect. The ceiling system is regular, generous, compact, unique in shape, three-dimensional and present.Generation sense is strong, very characteristic. The scope of application of factories, corridors, shopping malls, channels, gas stations, lobbies, stations, subways and so on. Here Xiaobian is very recommended that you choose aluminum buckle ceiling material when decorating ceiling ceiling, the effect is remarkable!

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