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About the characteristics of the introduction of Kaimai aluminum grille

 铝格栅吊顶是当下众多吊顶天花装饰材料中颇受喜爱的铝合金型材吊顶装饰材料,它也是工程格栅的一种,市面上最常用的铝格栅样式有方格子铝格栅和Triangular aluminum grilleSquare grille ceiling has its advantages over other aluminum ceiling materials. Its avant-garde and dynamic beauty make the decoration effect more novel and dazzling.

凯麦Triangular aluminum grilleHow about ceiling ceiling

 凯麦Triangular aluminum grille吊顶天花是近几年很流行的开放式空间的高性价吊顶材料。凯麦Triangular aluminum grille吊顶天花的外观简约、通透、强烈,能充分的展示出后现代元素,加上凯麦Triangular aluminum grilleThe ceiling has good ventilation effect, high fire resistance, simple installation, exquisite structure, rich levels, strong three-dimensional sense, beautiful appearance, rich colors, and durability. It is currently a school, hospital, factory, enterprise, library, restaurant and other companies.