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Camer-Provide high-end quality and affordable aluminum building materials products
  • aluminum corrugated composite board
  • aluminum corrugated composite board
  • aluminum corrugated composite board
  • aluminum corrugated composite board
  • aluminum corrugated composite board
Aluminum corrugated composite plate

Aluminum corrugated composite board with a thickness of 0.6 mm-1.0mm


Plate edge height 25mm-30mm,

According to actual needs, anti-aging and antibacterial treatment can be customized.

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Camel 600*600 Punching Sound Absorbing Thermal Insulation Aluminum Corrugated Composite Board

KaimaiBrand,   Focus on indoor and outdoor metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall ; Products include Metal aluminum gusset ceiling , Aluminum glass fiber composite board,Corrugated composite board,Aluminum square ceiling, Aluminum grille ceiling,Aluminum strip buckle ceiling, aluminum veneer curtain wallCustomization;    材料适用于The hospital,  school,  Office , Plant , Machine room, Museums and other large public places. The production plant has more 20 Years of production experience, complete inspection data , Kaimai series of products, thickness assurance, reliable quality, exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other overseas partners to obtain the trust and favor of the majority of customers designated brand, welcome to inquire!

Kaimai Ming rack drop grade general specification ruler

Panel Size 585 * 585mm Plate edge size 595 * 595mm Side height 10mm
Panel Size 585 * 1185mm Plate edge size 598*1198mm Side height度
Panel Size 285 * 1185mm Plate edge size 298*1198mm Side degree 13mm
Panel Size 284*584mm Plate edge size 296*596mm Side Height 8mm

Details of Composite Aluminum Gusset Plate_01Composite aluminum gusset plate details_02Composite aluminum gusset detail_03Composite aluminum gusset plate details_04Composite aluminum gusset plate details_05Details of Composite Aluminum Gusset Plate_06Composite aluminum gusset plate detail_07Details of Composite Aluminum Gusset Plate_08Composite aluminum gusset details_09Details of Composite Aluminum Gusset Plate_10Details of Composite Aluminum Gusset Plate_11Details of Composite Aluminum Gusset Plate_12Composite aluminum gusset details_13Composite aluminum gusset plate details_14Composite aluminum gusset details_15

Kaimai is committed to becoming a leader in the design, production, sales and installation of metal building materials. After years of production precipitation and development, the company now has five core series of products: aluminum ceiling series, aluminum veneer custom series, aluminum sound-absorbing composite board series, barrier aluminum ceiling series. Specializing in the sales of metal ceiling, aluminum square, aluminum grille, aluminum composite panels, aluminum curtain wall manufacturers; can be customized all kinds of aluminum grille, aluminum hanging sheet, aluminum curtain wall panel, aluminum gusset plate, aluminum square pass, aluminum hanging strip, aluminum square plate and other building decoration materials; It is a modern enterprise integrating sales, design and technical service installation.
Kaime brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall brand has rich experience in building materials product service and perfect tooling product overall solution technology. Kaime brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall building materials products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other overseas regions while based on the domestic market, and have won the trust and favor of customers. In all major B2B platforms, Kaime brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall building materials have passed various certifications. In terms of e-commerce, it is close to a mature platform management mechanism, establish a complete quality management and sales service system, and provide customers with strong guarantees in product quality, technical services and other aspects, so that the reputation of brand reputation has won domestic and foreign customers Favor and spread.
Kaimai brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall building materials for many years adhere to the quality and world synchronization, service to customer satisfaction service concept and one-stop building materials products supply service provider brand positioning, is committed to becoming a new benchmark for the development of Guangdong building materials enterprises. To this end, we have specially set up an industry-leading technical engineering team and professional sales team to provide inexhaustible power to continuously meet the needs of customers for tooling and building materials products. Kaimai brand metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall building materials as a strong building materials brand, will continue to bear the glory of brand reputation, is committed to providing customers with engineering one-stop overall solution of building materials products and services company.

Office address: Guangdong. Foshan. Shishan Town, Nanhai District
Company website:

Contact: Ms. Huang

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公司优势application area

Strong comprehensive strength

Strong comprehensive strength

20 years focus on aluminum gusset/aluminum veneer R & D and production

With German imported production equipment, customized products can be delivered within 5 days to ensure the engineering cycle.

Aluminum veneer can be recycled, in line with environmental standards, according to the actual demand of the project.

Long-term cooperation with domestic aluminum coil suppliers, more durable, not easy to deform

Standing stock is sufficient

Standing stock is sufficient

30000-party standing stock fast supply

The products have various styles and complete specifications to meet different needs and 30000 large inventory.

Factory direct price advantage, saving 10%-20% cost year-on-year, saving time and material

The product has a wide audience, transportation hub/government office/education and medical care/public entertainment, etc.

Process quality

Process quality

ISO quality certification production quality is good

Fully automatic import mechanized production, fully guarantee the demand for large quantities of supply

The product has passed the ISO9001 management system certification, with the same quality and high cost performance.

Set up a quality control team to strictly control production quality and progress to ensure factory quality

good considerate service

Good considerate service

For your one-stop installation, after-sales service is considerate.

7*12 hours customer service hotline, a full range of pre-sale sale after-sale service for you

Cooperate with logistics distribution companies to ensure the transportation of goods and solve your worries.

Product use has environmental testing and technical guidance to ensure accurate and efficient use

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Procurement: aluminum corrugated composite board
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Hot product recommendation /Hot product
Gymnasium Ceiling Wood Grain Aluminum Square Sound Absorption

Gymnasium Ceiling Wood Grain Aluminum Square Sound Absorption

Gymnasium ceiling ceiling aluminum square specification: W30-200mmH:30-200mm aperture: Φ1.0-3.0mm surface treatment: spraying/wood grain/roll coating/oxidation filling: glass fiber wool/rock wool can be customized anti-aging and antibacterial treatment according to actual requirements
Wood grain punching aluminum square ceiling

Wood grain punching aluminum square ceiling

Brand: Kaimai product classification: punching aluminum square pass/sound absorbing aluminum square pass bottom width: 30W/40W/50W other widths please call for advice side height: 30-120mm thickness 0.6 mm-0.8mm thickness above 0.8mm please call for advice surface technology: powder spraying; Polyester paint; Fluorocarbon paint; Wood grain transfer
Punched aluminum mineral wool sound-absorbing board

Punched aluminum mineral wool sound-absorbing board

Punched aluminum mineral wool sound-absorbing composite board with a thickness of 0.7 mm-1.0mm, conventional size of 585x 585/595x 595mm, board edge height of 8mm-13mm, anti-aging antibacterial treatment can be customized according to actual needs.
B- type aluminum strip buckle

B- type aluminum strip buckle

B- type aluminum strip buckle ceiling ceiling with right-angle aluminum alloy material transparent strip-shaped slit buckle ceiling, Kaime B- type aluminum strip buckle ceiling can be assembled and disassembled separately, and the installation is simple and convenient. After the aluminum strip gusset plate is installed, the shape is neat and the line feeling is very strong. The spacing of B- type aluminum buckles can be fixed according to the design or the actual needs of the site. It can also be designed and calculated. The spacing panels with different widths can share a B- type buckle keel, which can form height changes or width changes. It is commonly used in large public places such as subways, high-speed railways, stations, shopping malls, etc.

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