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Design Scheme of Aluminum Mineral Cotton Composite Board Special for Hospital
Author: Camer metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall EDIT: Xiaojia 13074271912 Source: Release Date: 2020.10.16
Information Abstract:
Aluminum mineral wool composite board ceiling is mainly used in hospitals, schools or offices in the tooling aluminum gusset industry. As places with very concentrated population density, these places have high requirements for fire prevention, sound absorption and other functions. Therefore, in...

Hospital-onlyaluminum mineral wool composite boardDesign scheme

       aluminum mineral wool composite boardSuspended ceiling ceilings are mainly used in hospital schools or offices in the field of tooling aluminum gussets. These places, as places with very concentrated population density, have high requirements for functions such as fire prevention and sound absorption. Therefore, when choosing suspended ceiling aluminum gussets with more functions and safer and easier to use in the field of tooling aluminum gussets, the new type of aluminum mineral wool composite ceiling ceiling is naturally also used in hospital ceilings.

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1, hospital front desk decoration design scheme

The front desk is very important for the decoration of the hospital office building. Because the front desk is the beginning of the whole service and reflects the overall strength and work efficiency of the hospital, whether the decoration of the hospital service desk and the image wall is beautiful or not can greatly affect the mood of patients and their families. Hospital front desk image wall decoration should be aluminum mineral wool composite board, It has the characteristics of mildew proof, moisture proof, fire resistance, durability, heat resistance, noise reduction, easy cleaning, anti-bacteria, anti-static, etc., especially the operating room and other important treatment environments have higher space requirements, and should be selected aluminum mineral wool composite board

2, hospital corridor decoration design scheme

Hospital office building corridor personnel flow intensively, in order to ensure safety, the hospital corridor ceiling should have the characteristics of sound absorption, antibacterial and fire prevention, Kaime building materials aluminum mineral wool with dark frame light frame optional, supporting lamps and air outlets; Meet the project ceiling configuration. Therefore, the hospital aisles choose to use aluminum mineral wool composite boardIt is easier to meet the requirements of hospital decoration standards!

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3. Hospital ward decoration design scheme

The hospital ward is generally in the inpatient department in the office building. The ward is composed of hospital beds, toilets, storage cabinets, etc. In order to make the ward space more warm and warm, it is recommended to use warm light as the main lighting. In the decoration design, in order to achieve the design concept of continuity, the ward can be built into a feeling of home, but attention should be paid to the selection of decoration materials,aluminum mineral wool composite boardFire rating reaches level 2.

We also need to pay attention to another point in the decoration, that is, the noise problem. When the noise reaches 45-50 decibels, when the noise reaches 45-50 decibels, the patient\'s irritability will increase significantly. When it reaches 60 decibels, it will cause A certain degree of physical discomfort, when it reaches 60 decibels, it will cause a certain degree of physical discomfort. Therefore, the ceiling wall of the hospital room ceiling wall decoration is recommended to use aluminum mineral wool composite board combination.

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