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Why is the length of aluminum square ceiling generally 6 meters
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Source: Kaimai Building Materials Release Date: 2021.11.16
Information Abstract:
Why is the length of aluminum square through 6 meters in modern ceiling decoration materials, aluminum square through ceiling is one of the most frequently used decoration materials. aluminum square through the price to be affordable, cost-effective. Aluminum Fangtong mainly adopts excellent...

Why is the length of aluminum square pass generally 6 meters

现代天花吊顶装饰材料中,Aluminum SquareCeiling is one of the most frequently used decorative materials. aluminum square through the price to be affordable, cost-effective. Aluminum square is mainly used in high-quality aluminum alloy materials, with strong environmental protection, not easy to mildew yellow, but also has a good ventilation effect. Aluminum SquareThe specifications are also varied, so why is the length of the aluminum square pass 6 meters? Let\'s take a look at it.Aluminum square ceiling 8

1. Good formability and weldability.
2, light weight, high strength.
3. Good usability and excellent interface characteristics.
4. Easy to process, easy to coat, rich in color.
5. Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
Product specifications
U-shapedAluminum SquareCeiling is loved by consumers and friends in the market, especially in the current environment where everyone pays attention to environmental protection, it is very necessary to choose environmentally friendly materials. There are many specifications of aluminum square pass, the specifications are generally between 20-300mm and the thickness is 0.8-5.0mm. Our factory specializes in large quantities of customized aluminum square, color can be customized.

Aluminum square length
1. In thisAluminum SquareIn the industry, our general length is 6 meters long, can it be longer? More than 6 meters, in fact, can also be done. Then why do we all say that it is generally 6 meters? This involves the whole process. The spraying line has certain limits on the length, but it is not only 6 meters, as well as the handling, loss and transportation costs of workers. Because of a variety of factors, the length of the aluminum square ceiling is generally controlled within 6 meters.
2. The length of the aluminum square can be customized according to the customer\'s size, but the conventional one is 6 meters per branch. If the aluminum square connection is shorter than 6 meters, it can be sawn short; if it is longer than 6 meters, it can be connected by a joint in the middle. With the connection function of the internal connection, it can be connected arbitrarily according to the engineering occasion. Aluminum SquareLength.
3. If the length of the aluminum square is too long, it will bend and deform, and transportation is difficult, so 6 meters is an ideal choice. Therefore, the design of aluminum square ceiling should be based on the actual processing request, otherwise the designed work cannot be produced and has no practical significance.Aluminum square ceiling 5

以上是为什么Aluminum SquareThe length is usually 6 meters of introduction. Seeing here, you must have a further understanding of the other side\'s skyline materials. Want to know more, welcome to continue to pay attention to this station!

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