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What is aluminum veneer for curtain wall?
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Kaimai metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall Source: Kaimai Building Materials Release date: 2022.03.26
Information Abstract:
Curtain wall aluminum veneer is mainly used in building exterior wall decoration. It is an indispensable curtain wall material for modern exterior wall decoration. Its main characteristics are beautiful appearance, high surface flatness, unique shape, can protect the wall, and easy installation...

curtain wall aluminum veneer is what?

curtain wall aluminum veneer主要是应用在建筑外墙装饰,是现代外墙装饰不可缺少的一种幕墙材料,主要特点是美观,表面平整度高,造型独特,能够保护墙体,而且安装简易。是当代建筑设计师麾下的幕墙设计材料。

curtain wall aluminum veneerThe light weight, strong rigidity, simple structure, low installation process requirements and superior fire resistance performance are the existence value of curtain wall aluminum veneer.

凯麦建材公司生产的curtain wall aluminum veneer是采用优质的铝合金板材基材,通过冷压折弯,冲压成型。其构造是有面板,加强筋和角码组成。表面处理是经过了一层铬化处理然后再采用氟碳喷涂处理,采用的是三滚三涂,选用的是世界知名涂料生产厂商阿克苏诺贝尔,PPGand South KoreaKCC The fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, while maintaining long-term non-discoloration and long service life.

curtain wall aluminum veneerThe common thickness of is:1.5mm 2.0mm2.5mm 3.0mm. Specifications are generally customized.


curtain wall aluminum veneerThe characteristics:

   1Light weight, strong rigidity.

   2, the coating color is uniform, and the color selection is diverse.

   3, has good self-cleaning, easy to clean and maintain.

   4Excellent fire resistance, strong wind resistance and earthquake resistance.

   5, installation and construction are convenient.

   6, Very environmentally friendly and recyclable.

凯麦curtain wall aluminum veneerIt is suitable for building buildings, airports, subway stations, high-speed railway stations, gymnasiums, hospitals, shopping malls, exhibition centers, exhibition halls, etc.

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