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What are the main treatment processes for aluminum square pass?
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Source: Release Date: 2021.11.10
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What are the main treatment processes of Fangtong? If customers know more about this knowledge, it will be of great help to the purchase of aluminum Fangtong products. The more common aluminum square treatment processes on the market include laminating, rolling and spraying. These three...
Aluminum SquareWhat are the main treatment processes?
What are the main treatment processes of aluminum square pass? If customers know more about this knowledge, it will be of great help to the purchase of aluminum square pass products. More common in the market.Aluminum SquareThere are three kinds of treatment processes: coating, roller coating and spraying. These three processes include wood grain, wire drawing, roll coating, wood grain transfer printing, fluorocarbon paint and other processes.
Film coating process is common, which is a process of film coated aluminum gusset plate processing, because everyone knows the aluminum gusset plate very well, and you can know what aluminum square is like when you see the film coated aluminum gusset plate. However, I am afraid that many customers are not able to understand the details. Some are imported films and some are domestic films, and the thickness of the films are different. Therefore, we must know more about this aspect of knowledge before we can buy satisfactory products. Roll coating process is also called pre-roll coating process, some called nano process, this product, the surface treatment process is smooth and delicate, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, easy to clean, and anti-static, so it is very suitable for laboratory places. Roll coating includes, wire drawing, Lu Ben color, roll coating wood grain, etc.

Spraying process is a common and commonly used process and is widely used. There are two kinds of spraying, one is powder spraying and the other is fluorocarbon paint spraying. The price of powder spraying is relatively low, and the product color is very rich, with good decorative characteristics.

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