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The role of wind-proof aluminum gusset ceiling in gas station
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Source: Kaimai Building Materials Release Date: 2021.11.17
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With the development of the times, gas stations can be seen everywhere. Gas stations refer to supplementary stations that serve cars and other motor vehicles and retail gasoline and engine oil, generally adding fuel oil,...

The role of wind-proof aluminum gusset ceiling in gas station

随着时代的发展,加油站随处可见,加油站是指为汽车和其它机动车辆服务的,零售汽油和机油的补充站,一般为添加Fuel oil,Lubricating oilWait. Because the petroleum commodities sold by gas stations are flammable, explosive, volatile, easy to leak, and easy to accumulate static charges, gas stations are based on“安全”为第一准则。在室外,加油站“日晒雨淋”经受这风吹雨打,凯麦加油站防风 Aluminum strip buckleIt has become a popular product for many gas stations. The windproof strip buckle also has strong windproof capability due to its special installation method.WeChat picture_202111131100187

加油站Aluminum strip buckleThe role of the board ceiling: strong windproof ability

The installation structure is a windproof special keel buckle structure, which has strong compactness, no gap and deep keel structure. The keel has fixed modulus card teeth. For windproof, each card tooth has a windproof card code beside it, which is safe and very suitable for gas station decoration. Compared with other ordinary keels, the materials used for windproof buckle keels are all thickened, with special structure and wide static grip surface.300mmThe aluminum bar buckle makes him have the characteristics of strong wind resistance.

加油站Aluminum strip buckleThe second function of the board ceiling: tight structure, reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt

Because the gas stations are all outdoors, the wind is strong, the environment is relatively complicated, and the high-side design makes the whole board look very thick and tight in structure. The special windproof aluminum strip buckle for the gas station is of high-side type with a sense of the times. The smooth and sealed board reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt and the construction period for later maintenance;

 加油站Aluminum strip buckleThe third function of the board ceiling: high safety performance and strong waterproof

The windproof aluminum buckle is sprayed with aluminum plate electrostatic powder, which has excellent visual space extension, simple and flexible installation, neat, generous and compact arrangement of the whole ceiling, strong sense of modern visual space, and has the advantages of flame retardant, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and simple assembly and disassembly.

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Title:The role of aluminum strip gusset ceiling in gas station

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