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Kaimai building materials aluminum strip buckle ceiling quality how
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Source: Kaimai Building Materials Release Date: 2021.11.17
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There are many ceiling products that can be selected and referred to around us. The common ones may be aluminum bar buckle ceiling, or wooden ceiling and integrated ceiling, so today\'s explanation is about aluminum bar...

Kaimai building materials aluminum strip buckle ceiling quality how

  在我们身边可以供选择和参考的吊顶产品有很多,常见的可能是类似下文所说的Aluminum strip clasp顶,或者是木质吊顶和集成吊顶,那么今天为大家说明的就是关于Aluminum strip buckleThe evaluation of suspended ceilings and the steps and operation suggestions of the installation process have been made. From this, we can know that suitable aluminum strip suspended ceilings are not only beautiful in appearance, flexible in collocation, but also simple in structure and easy to disassemble and install. They also have the advantages of fire prevention and corrosion prevention, sound absorption and heat preservation. We can refer to this standard to select aluminum strip suspended ceilings that can be trusted on the market.Aluminum gusset plate picture 6

 凯麦建材Aluminum strip buckleAdvantage one:Beautiful appearance, with flexible.

Aluminum buckle ceiling has clear and smooth lines and fashionable appearance, and different panel sizes can be flexibly matched to provide designers with more design ideas and create different decorative effects.

凯麦建材Aluminum strip buckleAdvantage 2: simple structure, easy to load and unload

The product is a standard keel snap-on structure with smooth appearance and simple structure. During installation, only the keel needs to be hoisted according to the horizontal line and the plate can be buckled up. The disassembly and maintenance are also simple. The special keel has a fixed modulus of card teeth, the same keel, suitable for a variety of board size for flexible collocation, can provide consumers with more design ideas and decorative effects;

Kaimai building materials aluminum buckle three advantages: fire moistureproof, sound-absorbing insulation.

Product cloth holes and on the back of the non-help sound-absorbing paper or sound-absorbing cotton can have a better sound-absorbing effect, play a decorative role at the same time more sound-absorbing, heat preservation, fire prevention, moisture-proof function.

Kaimai building materials aluminum buckle four advantages: practical, widely used.

集实用与美观于一体,正是Aluminum strip buckleThe advantages and charm of smallpox, with the prosperity of the decoration industry will inevitably be loved by more people. Suitable for public buildings and network club ceiling decoration. The quality has been tested by authority, the style is beautiful, atmospheric, simple, elegant, rich in the characteristics of the times, practicality and cost performance are very high.

 Kaimai brand can meet the product supply needs of major engineering projects; focus on indoor and outdoor metal ceiling aluminum curtain wall, products include metal aluminum gusset ceiling, aluminum square ceiling, aluminum grille ceiling, aluminum strip buckle ceiling, aluminum composite panel, aluminum veneer curtain wall customization; Building materials product service company dedicated to providing customers with one-stop engineering overall solution. Welcome to inquire-Huang Liping 13074271912

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