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Advantages and Application of Foshan Ceiling Factory Kaimai-Arc Aluminum Square Pass
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Source: Kaimai Building Materials Release Date: 2021.11.10
Information Abstract:
Kaimai specializes in the production of wood grain aluminum square, imitation wood grain aluminum square, aluminum square ceiling, aluminum square ceiling sales telephone: 13074271912 23 years of research and development, design, production, sales and installation guidance experience, set...
佛山吊顶Manufacturer凯麦—ArcAluminum Squareadvantages and application

In our daily life, if it is not a professional, it may be difficult to know what the arc aluminum square is. In fact, when we shop, we often have the opportunity to see aluminum square, which is often used as a decorative material for shopping malls. So where is the aluminum square meeting used? What are the characteristics? The following Kaimai Xiaobian will introduce it to you.

ArcAluminum Square -Product introduction:

The curved aluminum square of Kaimai Building Materials is based on the conventional straightAluminum Square The developed arc-shaped aluminum square pass can be obtained by stretching and bending straight aluminum square pass. This processing method requires relatively high thickness of the product, generally above 2.0mm, and the bottom width and height of aluminum square pass cannot be too high. At the same time, the arc-shaped aluminum square pass can also be obtained by welding processing. First, the materials are opened according to the actual aluminum square pass specifications and radian, and then the arc-shaped aluminum square pass finished products are obtained by welding splicing processing, this kind of process not only requires thickness, but also requires high welding and polishing process, which requires that the arc-shaped aluminum square pass must pass. Arc aluminum square, can be customized according to the requirements of any radian, as for the processing technology, according to the actual situation of each engineering design of arc aluminum square to choose, reasonable processing technology to ensure the arc Aluminum Squarequality while avoiding excessive costs.


ArcAluminum Square-Application areas

ArcAluminum Square一般应用于吊顶装饰,由于ArcAluminum Square造价一般较高,所以Arc Aluminum Square 使用的面积一般不会太大,像商场,酒店等的大堂,或者某个中心点,选择ArcAluminum Square装饰都是比较合理的。

Features of the curved aluminum square pass-product:

1. The product is transparent and clear, the lines are elegant and soft, so that the eyes have an open vision;

2, simple and clear, with modern style;

3, the assembly and disassembly is simple and easy, which solves a major decoration problem for buyers;

4. The design effect is very strange. It is all for people to be comfortable and colorful. It can also be mixed with different ceiling specifications, breaking the monotonous style of the past;

5. There are two kinds of materials: plate and profile. The plate is simple and the profile is firm. It is generally used in large-scale occasions with great force.

The above is a small series about arcAluminum SquareAfter reading the introduction of the small series, I believe everyone must have some understanding of the curved aluminum square pass.

Kaimai specializes in producing wood grain aluminum square pass, imitation wood grain aluminum square pass, aluminum square pass ceiling, aluminum square pass ceiling sales telephone number: 13074271912 23 years of research and development, design, production, sales and installation guidance experience, customized non-standard aluminum square pass. Procurement of high quality wood grain aluminum square through the ceiling.


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