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C- type windproof bar buckle aluminum ceiling has many benefits
Author: Xiaojia 13074271912 EDIT: Source: Kaimai Building Materials Release Date: 2021.11.13
Information Abstract:
The characteristics and advantages of aluminum bar buckle are almost the same, that is, the benefits of aluminum bar buckle being applied now., Windproof buckle, high-side windproof buckle, C- type windproof buckle, S high-side windproof buckle has many types and specifications, aluminum buckle plate ceiling production...
C- type windproof strip buckle aluminum ceiling has many benefits.
Aluminum strip buckle特点和优点差不多,也就是现在 Aluminum strip buckleThe benefits of being applied., Windproof buckle, high edge windproof buckle,C- type windproof strip buckleThere are many types and specifications of S high-side windproof strip buckles. Aluminum strip gusset ceiling products are characterized by convenient installation, light weight, long-term practicality, strong stereoscopic impression on installation, fireproof and moisture-proof, and aluminum gusset ceiling has good ventilation effect.

C- type windproof buckleIn addition to anti-corrosion and fire prevention, it is also equipped with a special windproof buckle structure. Compared with the ordinary C- shaped buckle, the windproof buckle has strong windproof ability due to the special installation method and can be widely used in open air or places with high wind pressure such as oil stations, gymnasiums, aisles, eaves, etc. C300 windproof strip buckle is currently the designated ceiling of PetroChina Sinopec gas station.WeChat picture_20211113110018

C- type windproof strip buckleSpecifications: W:300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm
C type windproof strip buckle thickness: 1.1-1.5mm
Surface treatment of C- type windproof bar buckle: powder electrostatic spraying, polyester paint spraying, roller coating, wood grain
1. Beautiful appearance and flexible collocation. Aluminum buckle ceiling has clear and smooth lines and fashionable and diverse appearance, different panel sizes can be flexibly matched, providing designers with more design ideas and creating different decorative effects.
2. Simple structure, easy loading and unloading. The product is a standard keel snap-on structure with smooth appearance and simple structure. During installation, only the keel needs to be hoisted according to the horizontal line and the plate can be buckled up. The disassembly and maintenance are also simple.
3, fire and moisture, sound absorption and heat preservation. The product can have better sound absorption effect and has the functions of sound absorption, heat preservation, fire prevention and moisture prevention while sticking non-auxiliary sound absorption paper or sound absorption cotton on the back of the product.
4. Strong practicability and application. The product is suitable for office buildings, corridors, airports, banks, exhibition halls, public toilets and private residences, and has a good decorative effect in all kinds of decoration.
Aluminum buckle set practical and beautiful in one, it is the advantage and charm of aluminum buckle smallpox, with the prosperity of the decoration industry will be loved by more people.

C- type windproof strip buckle的适用范围:厂房、走廊、商场、通道、加油站、大堂、车站、地铁。WeChat picture_202111131100185

广东佛山铝扣板天花吊顶专业供应商,凯麦装饰材料材有限公司,可定制C- type windproof aluminum bar buckleCeiling price specifications, dimensions and thickness, etc., welcome to call for details, telephone number: 86-13074271912 we will certainly be able to give you the right price, welcome to inquire!

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