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What are the methods to distinguish the quality of exterior wall aluminum veneer?
Author: EDIT: Source: Issue Date: 2019.06.29
Information Abstract:
Over the years, Kaimai exterior wall aluminum veneer has become a new favorite in the building materials market with its good decorative performance and use performance. More and more high-end buildings will use this Kaimai exterior wall aluminum veneer when building exterior walls...

这些年来Kaimai exterior wall aluminum veneerWith good decorative performance and use performance has become the new darling of the building materials market, more and more high-end building exterior wall construction, will use thisKaimaiExterior wall aluminum veneer to obtain a stronger design and cleaner and simpler appearance effect, consumers must also master the following methods to accurately identify the quality of exterior wall aluminum veneer.

Kaimai exterior wall aluminum veneer

1. Observe the appearance flatness and seams

In the design of the exterior wall, the flatness directly affects the subsequent decorative effect, while the high-quality exterior wall aluminum veneer must have a flat appearance and tighter joints. The exterior wall aluminum veneer developed by professional production lines will inevitably have a smoother and better appearance and gloss. Customers can also understand the flatness of the exterior wall aluminum veneer and the actual paving effect through observation when choosing, having smaller seams and a smoother and higher gloss appearance proves that the decorative performance of this kind of exterior wall aluminum veneer is stronger.

2, consulting manufacturers brand and product materials

In order to reduce the weight of floor slab and ensure better strength of aluminum plate, the materials used by professional merchants in the research and development of exterior wall aluminum veneer are also quite different. The exterior wall aluminum veneer with exquisite materials adopts more reliable antirust aluminum as the basic material, and consumers should also distinguish the actual reputation of various exterior wall aluminum veneer merchants, the firmness of the materials used and the stability of after-sales use when distinguishing, only the use of more reliable and better materials can ensure that the use of aluminum veneer wall longer.

All in all, as a basic material that is especially common in exterior wall decoration in our country, its quality affects the subsequent maintenance and decoration effect. Consumers must carefully identify the quality of this material when selecting exterior wall aluminum veneer, and choose more durable and lighter products to achieve better exterior wall decoration effect, and only in this way can they obtain safe and stable decoration effect with the advantages of this product.

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